Data analytics and
development consulting
on Africa
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We are an international firm comprising of a group of companies which conducts data analytics and development consulting on Africa.

We are a research and advisory firm that aids effective and impactful policy. Rand Sandton Consulting group has a broad public sector mandate understanding of the various challenges to achieving socio-economic transformation in Africa. We consult in areas of macroeconomic policy, political analysis and human and social development. In our work, we support ministries, programs, and advise on broader development policies. We aid both governments and the private sector to achieve their developmental goals.

Our Services

Rand Sandton Analytics

We are the data analytics arm of the group that provides statistical insights and analysis through data driven solutions for Africa. Our predictive capabilities and access to data sets enhance evidence based solutions and decision making. Our data exploration and visualisation techniques are relevant for all stakeholders promoting real time unbiased, financial and economic development models.

Rand Sandton Development Consulting

We specialise in the field of African development. Our research aims to strengthen and develop public sector institutions though capacity building and strategic planning and management. We aspire to play a critical role in establishing a blended partnership to bring development on the continent in mutually effective and sustainable solutions. With a mandate to fulfil global goals and national agendas, we strategically become a key stakeholder in eradicating poverty and inequality.