Our data based solutions influence the agricultural supply chain We use both traditional and digital sources which help maximise returns for investment in the sector

We are part of the concerted effort to raise the value of agriculture in Africa by increasing productivity, enabling investment, job creation and ensuring food security.

How Can We Help You?

We understand that commodity production and trade sustain most African economies. We therefore provide research and expertise in the following areas:

Farm Operations and Rural Development

We assist in bringing development finance where it is needed the most. We work with farmers who are unable to gain access to funding, technical support and access to markets. We help predict market uncertainties, which enables investors to develop both flexible and effective solutions and strategies to galvanise the sector. Our data is used in policy, planning and routine decision making. Our findings also help farmers to confront, manage and prevent risks in the agricultural sector at every stage of the value chain.


Farmers in Africa face challenges of poor production levels, limited infrastructure and access to markets. We help farmers by obtaining better prices from the market. Our advisory services help to maximize returns for farmers in cash crop trade. By redesigning the business process of agriculture in Africa by providing solutions that influence the whole supply chain.

Latest Insights

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