Metals and Mining

Our focus is to help the mining sector in Africa to maximize production and output

Africa’s mining sector is facing challenges which make it difficult for the industry to stay afloat. One of the industry’s main barrier remains the challenge of data integration. We at Rand Sandton Analytics are committed to enabling fact-based decision making and unlocking shareholder value in the natural resources sector in Africa.

How Can We Help You

From low commodity prices to increases in production costs we endeavour to tackle the industry wide challenges affecting the sector through data provision and analytics to help our client discover niches of opportunity that optimise their investments. We maximize on innovative technology and analytical techniques to speed up appropriate business decisions making.

Why Choose Us

Our data analytics capabilities position us to be your trusted partner in the provision of quality and timely data in Africa’s natural resources sector. Because we believe the past shapes our present, we use historical data to inform decisions and view of the future.

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