Energy and Utilities

We provide data that drives the energy sector expansion and efficiency We provide data that drives the energy sector expansion and efficiency

What We Do

The exploration of opportunities in energy has increased in Africa significantly. However, the industry still faces complicated dynamics which include limited data availability and operational capacity, distributional and infrastructural challenges. Rand Sandton Analytics aims to power the sector and boost better business outcome and performance through analytics and the usage of big data.

How Can We Help You

We help you to seize the opportunities that exist in the sector. Using our analytical capabilities we enable organisations, investors and utility companies to navigate through the underlying challenges. We explore better outcomes for the energy industry through targeted market outreach and service solutions. We provide insight in areas where new strategies are needed, uncover gaps in supply, transmission and distribution. We also identify revenue centres, and lower overall transaction costs across the continent.

Why Choose Us

  • We combine our analytics with policy and advisory services to uncover growth opportunities for our clients. In a nutshell: we back our services with a deep knowledge of what it takes to make the continent work.
  • We provide credible and timely data based on our collaborations with key players in the energy sector.
  • We provide expert analysis and input from our network of experienced professionals
  • Our solutions are driven by passion for data and evidence.

Latest Insights

Regional power pooling, regulations and efforts in Africa have arguably remained in infancy stages. The impact of Africa’s power generation and distribution relies on the success of a reliable and stable supply. The current regional grid networks and in...